Light Rail, San Francisco


"MUNI awarded a contract to BREDA for the design and manufacture of 30 light rail transit vehicles in 1991.  Today our entire 151-car fleet is comprised of BREDA vehicles. In addition to the original procurement, options were exercised and sole source procurements were conducted in order to replace the Boeing fleet with cars that met the unique technical requirements of our operating environment.

"The BREDA light rail cars have met our reliability goals, and BREDA personnel have consistently provided excellent support for our project over the course of the past 12 years."

Michael T. Burns
Executive Director of Transportation
San Francisco Municipal Railway

Technical Drawing



Length over coupler faces 22860 mm (900 inch)
Max overall car width 2744 mm (108 inch)
Max height, equipment included 3505 mm (138 inch)
Distance between trucks 7315 mm (238 inch)
Truck wheel base 1900 mm (74.8 inch) 711.2 mm (28 inch)
Wheel diameter (new) 864 mm (34 inch) 914.4 mm (38 inch)
Car floor height from t.o.r 1193.8 mm (47 inch)
Width of side door openings 1372 mm (54 inch)
Seats 60
Floor surface for standees mq 26.43
Tare weight 36200 Kg (79.000 lbs)
Maximum speed 80 km/h (50 mph)
Maximum acceleration 1.4 m/sec (3.15 mphps)
Maximum service deceleration 1.78 m/sec2 (4.0 mphps)
Maximum emergency deceleration 2.66 m/sec2 (6.0 mphps)
Minimum lateral radius 13,716 m (45 ft)
Maximum super elevation 152.4 mm (6 inch)

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